How can I order moving?

You can order moving using order form on our website in section: Order online, by e-mail: or by telephone, all numbers are in section Contact.

How much time before the moving should I place the order?

You should contact us two weeks earlier at the very latest. The earlier you decide to move the better, because the date will be probably free.

What is our guarantee that the moving will be put into effect?

When you choose your date and all details will be set we send you an exemplar of a contract, which must be accepted by both sides and it will enter into force. This is your guarantee that nobody will call to you two days before the date and say "I’m sorry, we will not come".

What will happen when I order half of a van and it will turn out that I have more goods?

When we make an agreement for half a van, than you have our guarantee that the space is to yours disposal. When it will turn out that you have more goods we can load them only if we have enough free space. If the rest of the space is reserved for someone else, we cannot load your goods, but we can ship it with first available date.

When and how can I pay for the moving service?

We accept three ways of payment:

  • in cash while loading
  • in cash while unloading,
  • transfer into account (the amount must be credited before the date of service).

Which currency I can pay for the move?

We accept GBP or PLN. If the amount of service was counted in Pounds, but you want to pay in Zloty then we use the currency rate of the day we load the goods. We also accept payment in other currencies, but we must have the information before the service.