Terms and packing of shipments

Terms of transport services for the transport services of National and International Shipments in Poland and European Union via ATRANS Company.

Using the services, the user declares that unreservedly accept these General Terms and Conditions. The following General Conditions shall take precedence over any conflicting terms set by the Consignor. General Terms and Conditions shall not be changed by ATRANS or by the Consignor.

Consignment note

Shipper declares that he will personally fill the CONSIGNMENT NOTE or that it will be filled by an employee of ATRANS in accordance with its instructions. Mentioned Consignment note is non-transferable. The shipper warrants that it owns contents of the shipment entrusted to ATRANS or that it is duly empowered to act on behalf of its owner. The sender declares that according to its competence complex on the bill of lading he/she accepts these General Conditions, as the owner, or on behalf of himself and all persons having rights concerning the contents of the shipment.

Responsibilities and statements of the sender:

The sender declares that:

  • Shipment in international traffic is consistent with all regulations of the Customs Law, relating to the services provided by ATRANS, the provisions of international agreements to which the UK and the EU is party, as well as with the laws of the country of transit and destination. At the request of the Consignor ATRANS indicates transit countries.

The Sender warrants that:

  • The contents of the consignment is consistent with the description in the bill of loading, and that the contents of shipments does not belong to the category of Shipments which are not transported by ATRANS.
  • Recipients address is correct and complete (including postcode and phone number).
  • The contents of shipments is packaged in a way that can withstand the conditions of handling and carriage correct to the land transport sector, the packaging ensures the safety of transport, does not put the package on loss and damage, and does not pose a risk to third party.
  • All the information written in the bill of lading and any other required documents are true and complete.
  • Secure ATRANS from any damage caused to third parties and will be liable for any claims, damages, fines and costs arising from the deficiencies of the Sender to these Rules of Legal and the resulting responsibilities.
  • In the cases described in this article, Sender bear alone the total costs and expenses relating to the carriage of the shipment, and expenses incurred in connection with its return to the Sender and storage.
  • Sender signing the waybill declares that he has acquire the rules of services by Atrans, that it is clear and understandable, and he accepts of all of its points.

Duties and statements of the transporter:

  1. ATRANS is committed to the proper performance of the service.
  2. ATRANS reserves the right to refuse transit or continuation of consignments, which can lower the quality of service.
  3. In order to send parcels ATRANS entrusted to take all lawful ways and means, and also works with a variety of subcontractors, agents, intermediaries and carriers, which are considered to be approved in advance by the Sender.

Control of packages:

  1. The staff of ATRANS can check in accordance with the regulations of Law of Lading or Consignment the goods that the Sender corresponds to the statements contained in the consignment note and that retains the provisions concerning goods allowed to be transported under special conditions, by posting the result of the check in the consignment note or the attached protocol.
  2. ATRANS reserves the right to correct any errors in the pre-declared weight by the Consignor PACKAGES and to the price adjustment.


  1. Any complaints or claims Sender / Recipient must made in writing and sent to the headquarters ATRANS within 20 calendar days from the date of the CONSIGNMENT NOTE. After this deadline, no claim for damages will be accepted.

The goods not transported by ATRANS:

  1. ATRANS does not carry goods, and thus may refuse to perform services or withdraw from its implementation in the case when the goods are covered by the restrictions of Shipments (IATA), because of the value or features which are not suitable for transport of legal reasons and security, that is limited or excluded under the Transport Act as well as under other laws, agreements and international conventions to which Poland and the EU is a part.
  2. In particular, ATRANS does not carry:
    • things hazardous to health or property as flammable, corrosive, explosive;
    • the consignment consists of other goods requiring a declaration of ADR;
    • drugs or psychotropic drugs;
    • cigarettes, alcohol;
    • live animals or plants;
    • human or animal remains;
    • securities stones or metals;
    • works of art or antiques.


International road transport is governed by the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), signed in Geneva 19.05.1956 and the signed CMR protocol in Geneva 07.05.1978.


Regulations, applicable tariffs and pricing of services provided by ATRANS are available on the website.

Packaging and package dimensions:

Each consignment must be packed in such a way that its content has not been damaged or destroyed during transport.

The best packaging for the package is a cardboard box, but we also accept bags, suitcases and more.

The sum of the lengths of all the sides of the parcel delivery should not exceed 250cm (ie. Length + width + height = max 250cm). The longest side must not exceed 170cm.

The maximum weight of package is 30kg. If the package weighs more than 30kg, you must repack it to several parcels which weight does not exceed 30kg.

Pallets should be secured with tape or foil.

Bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and other machines should be drained of any fluid that might be leaking, should also be protected so that no elements of type, pedals, mirrors, links do not protrude from the object and do not cause damage to other objects.

If the consignment is not packed in the correct way or it prevents further transport, the carrier has the right to repackage the item and get for the action a fee of 10% of the cost of shipping.

THE COMPANY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IMPROPERLY PACKED PRODUCTS (glass, porcelain) shipping only on the responsibility of the sender.