Express Shipment Poland-England-Europe

We specialize in cheap and safe shipment to Poland from England. We specialize in cheap and safe shipment to England from Poland and from Poland to England and Europe.


We provide services which aim to deliver the consignment always on time. We care about quality, ensuring fast delivery and safe transport of goods.

We employ staff who have experience in the logistics industry and transport. The knowledge and skills allow organize work perfectly, so there is no delay (unless for reasons undeserved by us), or mistakes in the delivery.

Our employees are also responsible for delegating courier at the indicated addresses in order to receive shipments. The service "Order Online" definitely accelerates and facilitates the implementation of the order, and filling out the form takes just five minutes and does not require leaving home!

We realize express courier services in national international. We provide transport of small and bulky goods on request of individuals and companies. We ask for safe packing of goods - so that did not move inside the packaging. We guarantee very favorable price and the high quality of service. The cost of transport is dependent on the length of the route, type of package, its weight and dimensions. We are able to realize also untypical orders.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns. Our offer is flexible and certainly the kind of service can be adapted to your needs and requirements.